I haven’t posted here in a while, which is probably ok since I’m pretty sure no one reads this blog anyway. I’ve been busy learning just in time to be a father to a happy, growing boy.

I do want to remind myself to write here, though, because it’s important for me to slow down and reflect on what this all means for me, my wife and for him.

He’s starting preschool this week — one day a week, for a few hours a day. It’s exciting and…something else. Scary? Sad? I’m not really sure. So many parents told me, ruefully: it goes by so fast. So I’m trying to hold onto this time and I can’t. All I can do is try to be mindful of the moment and enjoy him how he is. I want him to grow up and learn new things — that stuff is amazing to witness — but I find I sometimes already miss the days when he was a little baby.

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