One thing about becoming a parent is that you learn about stool. You worry about it, look for it, sometimes pray for it to come out of your baby.

My wife is disappointed that I didn’t do all of the suggested reading before we became parents. When I am surprised by something, she rolls her eyes because it was in one of several books she was urging me to read.

Because of my interrelated lazy and busy states, I could not fit that reading in.

Anyway, the baby’s first poop is something called meconium, and it’s unlike anything seen come out of your body. It’s like tar or molasses — both in color and consistency. It didn’t start coming in until about 24 hours after he was born, and then it was over by about day four.

Next comes what the doctor calls “golden sunshine,” which is a yellow poo that kind of has the consistency and color of stone-ground mustard. It’s strange to see yellow poo. Our son was a little jaundiced at the time, so we fed him as much as we could to help him flush that stuff out.

We switched formulas on the guy when he was having some problems with vomiting, then switched him back. The first formula gave him about one poo per day. The next formula — an expensive, sensitive formula with proteins processed into smaller chains so it is easier to digest — made him poop several times per day. After switching him back, though, he now poops about every 36 hours.

I never thought I would be waiting and watching for poop. We did some reading about it and, like most every other concern, this is “normal.”

The yellow poo has persisted until yesterday. This time it was green. To the Internet! Turns out that color is a function of time.

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