I saw my son’s first smile. It was amazing.

It occurred during a visit from our friends Dan and Jenny. Taya had just finished nursing him and had turned him around so they could see his face. I was standing with them and that’s when he smiled — while looking at them.

I’ve never before seen anyone’s first smile. I’m so glad I was there.

Finn smiles a lot while sleeping, but this was the first one while his eyes were open. I’m sure someone out there might be eager to tell me that it wasn’t really a smile, but the expression of gas or something. To them I say: shut up.

I had just seen “I Walked with a Zombie,” a movie from the 40s. There was a scene where the main character visits a maid with a new baby and he smiles at her. They said that she was going to be a very important person in to him; that the first person a baby smiles at will be his friend for life. It was nice that they were who he smiled for.

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